Tips To Prepare Your Child At Home for School

There is a high possibility that your child may find it tough to adjust to a preschool initially. For any kid, it is a big and significant step to start going to a pre nursery Singapore. You as a parent can play a crucial role to prepare your little one to start and enjoy the new stage in his life. You can easily make this transition period easy for him through the following easy and simple strategies.

Start training him in getting used to a good-bye routine

It may be possible that this will be the first time that your kid will be staying away for you even if it is only for a few hours. He may also be apprehensive that you may not return to pick him up from the kindergarten. He may also feel scared that you will get lost and would not know how to come back to his school and take him back. So, it is crucial that in the initial few days, take out extra time so that he can be mentally prepared about the goodbye ritual. If things are calmer at your home, the temporary separation can be simpler.

Organize a higher number of social activities

A preschool kid has to gel well with all the other children. In case your kid does not devout enough time with them, activities like playing, sharing, learning through a group activity can actually be quite tough. You can guide your little one to be a part of the group by organizing a playdate or by getting him enrolled in dance or a music class.

Try to set up a fixed schedule

When you make your little one follow a set routine, it will offer him or her new opportunities to act in a responsible manner and make decisions. A well-organized daily schedule can be greatly helpful in making your kid’s transition period easy for adjusting well in a preschool setup. You kid can be also mentally prepared for what lies ahead and offer the relevant foundation for the occurrence of creative learning.

Do not indulge into over preparation

There are some parents who keep on discussing about a pre nursery school with their kids but end up making their kids apprehensive about it. The kid starts feeling that it is a very big event in his life and can be quite a scary and overwhelming proposition. Rather, as a parent, you can speak to the little one in a casual manner just a fortnight before his classes commence.

All you need to know about corporate v/s franchisee business

Startups are at a boom these days and almost all governments are supporting such plans and easing out reforms. But the dilemma one usually faces is either to own a business setup or travel on the franchise path. Well, both are great opportunities to explore especially when it is our second inning but both come with their own set of success and speed breakers. Let us see how each of these business modules vary and which would easily meet your need:


  • Brand – The biggest advantage of a franchise is that people know your brand beforehand and you are likely to spend least amount of time on marketing.
  • Security – For the franchise owners the benefit is having a tested system in place which only needs to be replicated. There is an easy access to the brand’s service, product and strategy. You don’t have to spend time in deciding which equipment to purchase or fetch for product development. Neither do you have to spend time looking out for an appropriate shop fitout.
  • Growth – Business expansion of the parent company largely depends upon the efforts put in by you as a franchise owner. If your franchise succeeds and grows, then this will positively impact the parent company.

Corporate Business

  • Decision making – You are your own boss which give you the freedom to make your own decisions.
  • Cost handling – You usually have a high set-up cost in any business. An independent business gives you the freedom to control this cost and gives you the flexibility to change your decisions in order to suit your budget.
  • Product uncertainty – Your product or service as a corporate is likely to be in testing phase so you will have to spend a lot of time, money and energy in promoting and marketing the service or the product. These investments actually decide the future of your business and the success of your product.
  • Growth – Corporate growth requires a lot of time and effort to be invested which also includes investment in human resources and careful financial health analysis of the business.

The above pointers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a decision between a corporate or owning a franchise setup but one thing is certain that Singapore today offers the best solutions to you in either of the propositions. Franchise one is a well-known online portal which can guide you and educate you extensively regarding the franchise Singapore. If you want to start a franchise in Singapore, including an education franchise Singapore, get in touch with Franchise One.

Brain Development with Creative Writing

Research shows that both reading and writing improve creative abilities of the brain. According to neurologists diagnostic tools like PET scans have shown that writing and painting are an image of human brain at work. When children participate in supportive learning activities that are well designed and carried out within cooperative groups, these help in bringing out positive emotional responses in the brain. The comfort and pleasure of working with like-minded people increases the release of neurotransmitter dopamine that helps the individual to persevere through challenges for achievement of personal goals and improve resilience to challenges.

Contribution of writing towards brain development

As writing is a creative activity and a mode of personal expression like art, it should be incorporated into learning curriculum of children at a young age to improve problem solving abilities and foundation. Writing facilitates the development of higher thinking, knowledge transfer, and critical analysis. It improves ability of the brain to recognize and process information through memory circuits within the brain’s cerebral region. The cortex region of the brain has ability to evaluate and respond to latest information and also for production of creative insights related to all fields be it academic, artistic or physical or emotional.

writing class

Brain activation is most successful when information is gathered through multiple resources, diverse experiences and peer collaboration. In English creative writing classes where several children are asked to write different sections of the story or asked to create believable characters that can be part of a story, students shine in their individual creative spheres. In these situations they use each other’s capabilities to solve compelling problems and develop interpersonal skills. During these interactive sessions children communicate their ideas confidently to their peers that build their individual style and confidence.

Effective classroom learning

Writing projects help children to effectively use their brain synapses and help them develop efficiently. Early ages of children between 3 to 7 years is the best time to develop specific skills and abilities as with age the brain synapses start getting pruned. By engaging children in creative activities that force them to expand imagination we promote their curiosity and help them understand their world better. This increases the brain’s ability to create new connections. Research shows that initial five years of a child’s life are important as during this period their ability to gain social and cultural experiences are at a peak. The knowledge gained during this period helps in development of strong brains and better personalities.


Best Practices To Apply When Babysitting Young Kids

Being around children can be tough, especially when they are highly energetic. Emotions run wild quite often in youngsters, and managing them can be very daunting even for the most experienced of babysitters. However, if you are unafraid of this task, then look to the points listed in the guide below for more great information on how you can effectively babysit young kids when their parents are away.

Get acquainted. Children are naturally shy towards people they do not know outside of their adult family members so make sure to properly introduce yourself. Much like what they during playgroup Singapore , you must make the effort to show you are a friend they can trust. This allows kids to be more open towards you throughout the whole process.

Be happy. When you project an attitude of positivity and happiness, your young charges will pick up on this and will view you as an approachable person. Giving them genuine encouragement and positive energies is conducive to the improvement of their social development. Even when they make mistakes, try the constructive criticism approach so they will not feel too vulnerable.

Create plans. Babysitters are responsible for looking after kids and making sure they are entertained while upholding their safety. That being said, take time to plan out your itinerary so you know what to do when it is time to do the job at hand. Kids will listen if you patiently explain to them exactly what they can and cannot do while they are under your close supervision.

Get creative. Children have a unique way of looking at the world and so you have to channel a similar perspective in order for you to get along with them. Creativity and imagination will be your greatest weapons in your quest for building a stable relationship with young boys or girls. When they see you getting on their level, they will surely appreciate your efforts.

Game on. Nothing is more important to a child than having the freedom to play around. Join in on their pursuit of happiness because it will let you enjoy the simple yet nostalgic pleasures of your own childhood. Not only that, but playtime sessions are instantly effective for banishing boredom.

Step out. While staying indoors is a good idea, this should not always be the case. During instances where parents give you full permission to take their children outside the house during daylight hours, then take advantage of that opportunity. It will be so much fun to stretch your legs and let kids frolic in a nearby park so they can enjoy the sun and fresh air.

So as you can clearly see, looking after young children is not that big of a deal. Once you apply the advice featured in this guide, you are primed for optimal success. Be confident in your child supervision abilities and remember to always keep the kids safe from harm.

How To Assess The Right Child Center

For babies and toddlers, playing is such an enjoyable activity. Once their eyes are caught into something interesting, they will not hesitate to get their hands on it. That is why parents have great concern over their safety. If hazardous objects are scattered on the ground, who knows what they might do with them. Hence, adult presence is important.

Most parents need to work for the sake of their children. With that, they mostly seek for child care centres in Singapore . Ideally, the place can offer numerous perks for parents and kids alike. Here is the thing. Finding the perfect center must be prioritize. To help you with this, provided below are some tips and tricks which might serve as your guide in the long run.

Staff interaction. Pay very careful attention on how the staff caters the need of kids. Are they warm and responsive. How often do they answer your questions. Other than evaluating them based on their attitudes and responsiveness, do not forget to gauge their adroitness and knowledge too. In the event of an undesirable consequence, can they handle the pressure.

Ask for a sure commitment. Keep in mind that babies truly need a loving and consistent care. It helps them to have a good attachment to their caregivers. If you are choosing a center, make a request to a reliable caregiver stating that you need a commitment to the task, perhaps for a year.

Pay a surprise visit and spy. While referrals and advice from other parents are significant, you must also have a personal check on the place. Is everything under control. Are your kids given the right care and treatment that they need. Naturally, the things you expected to happen must be what you see when you make a visit.

Pronto problem solving. It is unavoidable for you and other staffs to argue over some matters. At the same time, its vital that any arguments and conflicts are solved. Regardless of the conflict and the reasons behind it, you still need to pay some respect to the caregivers.

Believe in your instincts. As a parent, you normally have a gut feel if something goes awry. When you feel queasy, confirm it. If something is not just right with regards to the situation, determine other options. Probably, there are better and more considerable choices.

Be open in changes. Remember, change is only the inevitable thing in this world. You cannot control everything. Yes, you want a consistent service for your kids. But if they are exposed to positive changes and experiences, there is nothing to be anxious about.

English: The world’s lingua franca

There are very few languages that are as wide spread as the English language. English is the native language of Britain. As Britain was the colonizing giant for centuries, English has come to be the most widely spoken language across the world, the language that is connecting the entire world together. It is the lingua franca of the world.

Demand for English

Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia. Huge part of its population comprises of immigrants from various parts of the world, especially China. Thus Mandarin speaking people form a major part of Singapore’s population. However, in spite of this, English remains to be one of the official languages of Singapore. It is the working language of Singapore. Education in Singapore is bilingual, with English being the first language and any of the other three official languages being the second language. Thus even to survive in Singapore, knowledge of the English language is of absolute necessity. Hence English course in Singapore will always be of much demand

However, not just internally. Even for Singaporeans to connect to the rest of the world, knowledge of English is very important. English the most widely spoken language of the world. It is indeed a global language. Thus for Singapore to be recognized and acknowledged as a global city, its people must be well versed in English. In order to have a sound knowledge in this language, English course in Singapore is needed as mostly people in Singapore speak in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay or the colloquial English, known as Singlish.

English for businesses

As Singapore is growing to be a major commercial hub of the world, with businesses from all over the world investing in Singapore, English language knowledge is of utmost necessity. It will open the gates for various investors into the city and will make the city commercially and economically richer and more vibrant. Also, Singaporeans with a sound knowledge of English will be able to travel to different parts of the world, having no difficulty in communication.

Thus having English language courses in Singapore that can be availed by people from all economic strata will not only solve the internal linguistic problem of Singapore but will also ensure a more prominent place for Singapore in the world. Hence the government of Singapore should ensure that they take initiative to spread English across the city and make it available for everyone, as knowledge of English will only lead to better days for Singapore.

5 reasons you should speak Spanish

Spanish language has evolved from 210 BC and today, there are over a 550 million people who speak Spanish as first or second language, and it’s the second most studied language in the world. Hence, knowing Spanish would be a boon for your career aspirations in Singapore. Following are five reasons why you should learn Spanish:

Spanish is a global language: Gone are those days when Spanish was regarded as a foreign language. Spanish is growing at a rapid pace and with the Hispanic population migrating to various parts of the world, the importance of knowing Spanish is also growing rapidly. Knowledge of Spanish not only helps you fulfill your professional goals but also helps you in your personal development.

Grow your career with Spanish: There is a huge demand of Spanish speakers in Singapore’s job market. With businesses coming from Latin America and other parts of the world that predominantly use Spanish as their business language, knowledge of the language can help you immensely in your career. Spanish language schools in Singapore can help you acquire the necessary skills to communicate with your Spanish counterparts effectively

Explore some of the best travel destinations: To fully enjoy some of the finest travel destinations around the world, knowledge of Spanish can come in handy as those regions are largely populated with Spanish speakers. If you know Spanish, you will be able to experience the culture and life of some of these great places.

Enjoy finest movies and books: Some of the best books are written in Spanish and although, most of those books have been translated to English, the ones in the original language retain the best. Same goes with Spanish movies. If you are a movie aficionado, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to watch some of the famous Spanish movies.

It’s not at all difficult to learn Spanish: Spanish language is almost entirely phonetic. Just by looking at a word, you would be able to tell how it’s pronounced. Although, Spanish grammar can be a bit challenging for a newbie, the basic grammar is very simple and many words are similar to English. With so many Spanish speakers in Singapore, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to practice the language once you learn the basics in a classroom.

There are numerous other benefits that come with the knowledge of Spanish and when the whole world is moving towards globalization and embracing the cultures of each other, you wouldn’t want to be left behind. Spanish language schools in Singapore can provide you with the resources and guidance necessary to master the language and grow in your career.